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Hydrate in Style: Featuring The AquaFlask Dream Collection [ Limited Edition ]

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Calling all Caviteños! A new bus route has been launched at the Araneta City Bus Station, providing a convenient travel option to Dasmariñas, Cavite

Araneta City to Dasmariñas Bus

This route is a great opportunity for those commuting between Quezon City and Cavite.

Destination: Dasmariñas, Cavite (SM City Dasmariñas)
Fare: ₱130
Operating Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

To see all destinations, here's a comprehensive guide for Araneta City Bus Routes and Schedules


About Araneta City Bus Port

The Araneta City Bus Port is a modern transportation hub located in the heart of Araneta CityCubaoQuezon City. Known for its strategic location, it serves as a major terminal for buses traveling to various parts of Luzon.

Entrance to Araneta City Bus Port

The bus port is equipped with comfortable waiting areas, ticketing booths, and various amenities to ensure a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Don't miss out on this new travel option, offering a convenient and affordable way to get to Dasmariñas, Cavite.

Other Araneta City Bus Routes

Over 20 bus companies operate trips to Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Bicol, Visayas, and Mindanao from this single transport hub.



You Can Now Take a Bus From Araneta City to Dasmariñas, Cavite Vice Versa

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos has mandated the inclusion of the “Bagong Pilipinas” hymn and pledge in flag ceremonies at government offices and public schools to promote the principles of the Bagong Pilipinas governance and leadership.

On June 4, Marcos issued Memorandum Circular No. 52, instructing all national government agencies, GOCCs, and educational institutions, including state universities and colleges (SUCs), to incorporate the hymn and pledge into their weekly flag ceremonies. Local government units (LGUs) are also encouraged to follow suit, adhering to existing laws and regulations.


The circular, signed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin, is effective immediately and includes the text of the hymn and pledge.

Bagong Pilipinas Hymn lyrics

Panahon na ng pagbabago

Dahil sa ito ay kinakailangan

Tayo na magtulong-tulong

Na paularin ang mahal nating bayan

Panahon na ng pagbabago

Dahil sa ito ay kinakailangan

Tayo na magtulong-tulong

Na paularin ang mahal nating bayan

Panahon na ng pagbabago

At iayos ang mga dapat ayusin

Dapat lang maging tungkulin

Ng bawat mamamayan dito sa atin

Gawin ang pagbabago

Patungo sa pag-asenso

Magsikap ng mabuti

At nang guminhawa tayo

Ipagmalaki natin sa mundo at ipamalas

Ang Bagong Pilipino at Bagong Pilipinas

Panahon na ng pagbabago

Tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin

At tama lang na ugaliin

Kaysa sa iba sa atin ang unahin

Panahon na ng pagbabago

At manguna sa kahit anong larangan

Ang tagumpay ay karangalan

Ialay o ihandog natin sa bayan

Ilang ulit nang napatunayan ng Pilipino

Ang husay at lakas, kagandahan, at talento

Handang makipag paligsahan kahit anong oras

Ang bagong Pilipino, ang Bagong Pilipinas

Panahon na ng pagbabago

Buhay natin ay gawing maaliwalas

Marami ang magandang bukas

Ang ibubunga ng Bagong Pilipinas


Bagong Pilipinas Pledge

Bilang Pilipino, buong pagmamalaki kong isasabuhay ang Bagong Pilipinas.

Buhay sa aking dugo ang lahing dakila, magiting at may dangal

Palaging dadalhin sa puso, isip at diwa ang aking pagmamahal sa kultura at bayang sinilangan;

Kaisa ng bawat mamamayan, iaalay ko ang aking talino at kasanayan sa pagpapaunlad ng aking Bayan;

Taglay ang galing na naaayon sa mga pandaigdigang pamantayan;

Magiging instrument ako sa pagsulong ng kagalingan, karunungan at kapayapaan.

Makikiisa at makikilahok ako sa mga adhikain ng pamamahalaan dahil ang kaunlaran at hindi lamang responsibilidad ng iilan.

Isusulong at pangagalagaan ko ang karangalan, Kalayaan at interes ng aking bayang minamahal; 

Bilang Pilipino na may pagmahahal, pakilam at malasakit; hindi makasarili kundi para sa mas nakakarami; tatahakin ko ang landas tungo sa isang Bagong Pilipinas!


Bagong Pilipinas Hymn Lyrics and Pledge

Do you want to experience Africa's beautiful savannahs, wildlife and varied nature on a safari trip? It's no wonder. On a trip to Africa, you're guaranteed a wealth of memorable experiences. The continent offers so many options that it can be difficult to choose the right trip. Fortunately, the travel agency Africa Tours is ready to help you go on a true Africa Safari. Read on to find out more about what you can experience on an Africa safari with Africa Tours.

Experiential Africa Safari with Danish tour guides 

In Africa, unique nature and wildlife still dominate. If you're dreaming of a fantastic Africa Safari, the great continent has everything to offer.

The travel agency Africa Tours has a great knowledge of safari travel, which you will quickly notice when you choose a trip with them. Every year they go on study tours to see and experience the safari areas and the service at the different accommodations on all levels. This way, the agency ensures they can guide you to the best experiences, whether you're traveling with family or celebrating your honeymoon.

As the continent of Africa is miles away from Denmark both geographically and culturally, an Africa Safari can be an overwhelming experience for all your senses. For this reason, traveling with Danish tour guides creates greater peace of mind. On an Africa Safari with Africa Tours, Danish Africa experts always accompany you on


Safari and beach holidays? Africa has it all!

At Africa Tours you have the opportunity to go on Africa Safari in a wide range of African countries. If you're a first-time traveler, a safari trip to the safari's homeland Kenya is a great place to start. In Kenya's beautiful natural areas you can see all the classic African animals, such as wildebeest and zebra.

In Kenya's neighboring country Tanzania, you are also guaranteed unique experiences. Tanzania is known as the world's best safari country. Here you can experience the rich wildlife of Serengeti National Park and the wild animals of southern Tanzania that have not yet become accustomed to safari cars.

In addition to a memorable Africa Safari, Africa is also synonymous with exciting culture and great beach vacations. Impressive heritage in Zanzibar, white sandy beaches on the Kenya coast and luxurious accommodation in the Seychelles are just a fraction of the special experiences Africa offers.

Dreaming of unforgettable experiences in Africa? An Africa Safari is the answer!

Philippine Independence Day, celebrated annually on June 12, stands as a testament to the nation's enduring spirit and quest for freedom.

June 12

This day commemorates the historic proclamation of independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1898, marking the culmination of centuries of struggle and sacrifice by Filipino revolutionaries.

June 12 is also observed as a regular holiday in the Philippines.

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Philippine Independence Day, celebrated on June 12, marks the country's proclamation of independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1898.

This day holds profound historical significance as it symbolizes the end of over three centuries of Spanish domination and the Filipinos' enduring quest for sovereignty.

The struggle for independence began in earnest in the late 19th century with the rise of the nationalist movement led by figures like José Rizal, Andrés Bonifacio, and Emilio Aguinaldo. Their collective efforts culminated in the Philippine Revolution, which ultimately led to the declaration of independence in Kawit, Cavite.

Emilio Aguinaldo, who became the first President of the Philippines, proclaimed independence from a balcony of his ancestral home, an event that was accompanied by the first public performance of the Philippine national anthem and the raising of the Philippine flag.

July 4

Initially, Philippine Independence Day was celebrated on July 4, the same day as American Independence Day, to commemorate the granting of independence by the United States in 1946 after World War II. However, in 1962, President Diosdado Macapagal shifted the date to June 12 to honor the original 1898 declaration, reaffirming the country's sovereignty and rich historical heritage.

Modern-Day Celebrations

Today, Philippine Independence Day is celebrated with a blend of solemn remembrance and vibrant festivities, reflecting both historical pride and contemporary cultural identity.

1. Flag Raising Ceremonies:
The day typically begins with a national flag-raising ceremony, with the most significant event held at the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite. Government officials, including the President, deliver speeches emphasizing the importance of independence and national unity.

2. Parades and Cultural Shows:
Across the country, parades featuring colorful floats, traditional dances, and reenactments of historical events are common. These parades serve not only as entertainment but also as educational displays that highlight the Philippines' rich cultural diversity and history.

3. Military Displays:
In major cities, military parades and displays showcase the strength and discipline of the Philippine Armed Forces. These events underscore the nation's ongoing commitment to protect its sovereignty and the importance of a strong national defense.

4. Community Gatherings:
Local communities often come together for street parties, food festivals, and public concerts. These gatherings foster community spirit and offer a platform for showcasing local talents and cuisines.

5. Overseas Celebrations:
Filipinos living abroad also celebrate Independence Day with various activities organized by Filipino communities and embassies. These events help maintain cultural ties and national pride among the Filipino diaspora.


Philippine Independence Day serves as a reminder of the country's arduous journey towards freedom and the sacrifices made by countless Filipinos. It is a day to honor the past while celebrating the present and looking forward to the future. In a modern context, it also serves as a unifying force for Filipinos worldwide, fostering a sense of national identity and pride.

As the Philippines continues to navigate its place in the global community, Independence Day remains a pivotal moment for reflection and celebration, embodying the resilience, creativity, and spirit of the Filipino people.

PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY: History and How it is Celebrated Today

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After days of dropping hints online, Jollibee has finally unveiled its newest collaboration featuring acclaimed toy designer Quiccs Maiquez, who is best known for his TEQ63 figures.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Jollibee, the beloved Filipino fast-food giant, and Quiccs, the globally acclaimed Filipino toy designer, have come together to create the Jollibee Special Edition TEQ63.

This exclusive partnership is set to debut at TOYCON PH 2024, held from June 14-16 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila.


A Celebration of Filipino Creativity

The Jollibee TEQ63 figure is more than just a collectible; it is a celebration of two iconic Filipino brands that have gained international recognition.

Jollibee, known for its delicious offerings and heartwarming mascot, and Quiccs, renowned for his edgy and futuristic toy designs, are both symbols of Filipino pride and creativity.

Exclusive Collectibles

Toy enthusiasts and collectors will have the opportunity to purchase the Jollibee TEQ63 during the convention. The collaboration offers a variety of options:
  • Set of 3 Figures: Priced at Php 25,000
  • 6-inch Figure: Priced at Php 6,500
  • 3-inch Figure: Priced at Php 3,500

These collectibles are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of one of each item per person to ensure fair distribution among attendees.

About TOYCON PH 2024

TOYCON PH, the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, is the perfect venue for the unveiling of Jollibee TEQ63. As one of the most anticipated events in the region for toy enthusiasts, the convention gathers fans, collectors, and industry professionals from around the world to celebrate their shared passion for toys and pop culture.


Mark your calendars for June 14-16 and head to TOYCON PH 2024 to be among the first to own this unique piece of Filipino pop culture history. Whether you're a fan of Jollibee, a collector of Quiccs' designs, or simply a lover of all things Filipino, the Jollibee TEQ63 is a must-have.

Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation with Jollibee and Quiccs' latest creation, and take home a piece of this extraordinary collaboration

The Jollibee TEQ63 figures have been unveiled: Here's what you need to know

Baguio City is once again considering the implementation of a congestion fee within city limits to address worsening traffic conditions and environmental concerns. The proposal, announced through a Facebook post by the Baguio City Public Information Office, suggests a P250 fee for private cars entering the central business district.

This initiative, presented during a public consultation on June 5 by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), aims to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions. Under the plan, public transportation vehicles such as jeepneys, along with vehicles driven by senior citizens, persons with disabilities, emergency response vehicles, and on-duty uniformed personnel, will be exempt from the fee.

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The local government emphasized that the proposed congestion fee is part of a broader strategy to enhance urban mobility. "The corporation envisions a Singapore-like transport system in Baguio where the riding public can monitor road conditions in real-time using mobile applications as well as book or reserve parking spaces prior to arrival to lessen the amount of time and petroleum consumed going around looking for possible parking sites," read the Facebook post.

Additionally, the proposal includes the establishment of a smart traffic command center to monitor road conditions and swiftly address road accidents by dispatching responders as needed. This integrated approach is seen as a "holistic solution to not only traffic but improving overall mobility," according to the MPTC.

Baguio City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña confirmed that discussions are underway to finalize the terms and conditions of the proposed project. The congestion fee, if implemented, is expected to not only ease traffic congestion but also contribute additional revenue to the local economy.

By drawing parallels with Singapore’s advanced transport system, the MPTC and Baguio City government are optimistic that these measures will foster disciplined driving and a more sustainable urban environment.

In 2022, Baguio tried to improve mass transportation with TWG. They also accepted proposals for cable car transport in the city. Both ideas were not in sight yet.


The proposal has sparked mixed reactions among residents and stakeholders, with some praising the initiative for its potential environmental benefits and improved traffic management, while others express concerns about its impact on commuters and local businesses. The public consultation process continues as the city seeks to balance various interests and achieve a consensus on the way forward.


If you plan to visit Baguio City, here are top activities you shouldn't miss:


Here are some of the many top hotels with Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) from the Department of Tourism in Baguio:

You may also check the full list of hotels and lodging in Baguio. I also wrote Top10 hotels in Baguio on a separate blog.

For directions and bus schedules, check out my Manila to Baguio guide. For those who are driving to Baguio, you may check the fastest way to Baguio. Read my COMPLETE BAGUIO TRAVEL GUIDE to know more about Baguio City.

Baguio Eyes P250 Congestion Fee for Private Cars to Ease Traffic

The much-anticipated LRT-1 Cavite Extension Phase 1 project is nearing completion, marking a significant milestone in improving transportation infrastructure in southern Metro Manila. With the project now 98.2% complete, it is on track to start commercial operations in the last quarter of this year.

LRMC President and CEO Jose Ma. K. Lim, along with LRMC General Manager Enrico Benipayo, recently welcomed various government partners during a high-level site inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

LRT-1 Dr. Santos Station

The inspection was led by DOTr Secretary Jaime J. Bautista and Assistant Secretary for Railways Jorjette Aquino, highlighting the collaborative efforts to ensure the project's timely completion.


Enhancing Connectivity in Metro Manila

The LRT-1 Cavite Extension Phase 1 project extends the existing line by 6.2 kilometers, significantly enhancing connectivity for residents in the southern part of Metro Manila. This extension is set to ease the daily commute for thousands of passengers, providing a faster and more efficient mode of transportation.

The new extension includes five strategically located stations:

  • Redemptorist
  • MIA
  • Asia World
  • Ninoy Aquino
  • Dr. Santos

These stations are expected to serve as vital transit points, improving access to key areas and boosting economic activities along the route.

High-Level Government Support

The site inspection saw the participation of several high-ranking officials, underscoring the project's importance. Joining the inspection were Finance Secretary Ralph Recto, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Undersecretary Maria Catalina Cabral, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Romando Artes, Paranaque City District 1 Representative Congressman Edwin Olivarez, Paranaque City Mayor Eric Olivarez, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Philippines Chief Representative Takema Sakamoto, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) Administrator Atty. Hernando Cabrera, and Embassy of Japan Representative Masahi Ide.

LRT-1 Dr. Santos Station

Their presence highlights the broad support and collaborative effort across various government departments and international partners to bring this project to fruition.

Future Phases and Long-Term Vision

While Phase 1 of the LRT-1 Cavite Extension is set to begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2024, the development does not stop there. Phases 2 and 3 of the extension are planned to commence operations by 2031, further extending the line and continuing to enhance the transportation network in the region.

The completion of Phase 1 is a significant step towards a more connected and efficient Metro Manila, promising to improve the quality of life for commuters and support the area's economic growth. As the project moves closer to its operational phase, the anticipation among the public and the commitment from government and private sector partners remain high.

This development not only marks an achievement in infrastructure but also represents a stride towards a more sustainable and accessible public transportation system in the Philippines.



5 More LRT-1 Stations to Open in Q4 of 2024

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In the first full year following the COVID-19 pandemic, Quezon City, Makati City, and Taguig City have emerged as the top revenue earners in Metro Manila, showcasing significant Annual Revenue Income (ARI) growth.

According to data from the Department of Finance Bureau of Local Government Finance (DOF-BLGF), these cities demonstrated economic resilience and robust fiscal management, contributing positively to the country’s economic landscape.


Top Revenue Earners in 2023

The following is a detailed list of Metro Manila’s LGUs, ranked from highest to lowest revenue earners in 2023:

  1. Quezon City: 27.41 billion pesos
  2. Makati: 19.36 billion pesos
  3. Taguig: 13.54 billion pesos
  4. Pasig: 13.13 billion pesos
  5. Manila: 12.43 billion pesos
  6. Parañaque: 7.9 billion pesos
  7. Pasay: 7.35 billion pesos
  8. Mandaluyong: 5.76 billion pesos
  9. Muntinlupa: 4.63 billion pesos
  10. Caloocan: 4.09 billion pesos
  11. Valenzuela: 3.98 billion pesos
  12. Las Piñas: 2.52 billion pesos
  13. San Juan: 2.05 billion pesos
  14. Marikina: 1.58 billion pesos
  15. Malabon: 1.23 billion pesos
  16. Navotas: 1.0 billion pesos
  17. Pateros: 0.2 billion pesos

Key Highlights and Growth Trends

Despite being the smallest unit in terms of total revenue, Pateros recorded the highest year-on-year growth with an impressive 65% increase in revenue. This growth rate is a testament to the municipality's effective fiscal policies and strategic initiatives aimed at boosting local income.

Following Pateros in year-on-year growth were:
  • Quezon City: 30%
  • Makati: 26%
  • Pasay: 23%
  • Mandaluyong: 20%

Other cities showing double-digit growth included Parañaque (17%), Las Piñas (16%), Pasig (14%), Valenzuela (14%), Muntinlupa (13%), Taguig (11%), and Navotas (10%).

Slowest Growth Performers

The cities with the slowest year-on-year growth included:
  1. Manila: 9%
  2. San Juan: 9%
  3. Malabon: 9%
  4. Caloocan: 8%
  5. Marikina: 7%


ARI to Debt Ratio

In terms of ARI to debt ratio, seven LGUs surpassed the NCR average of 0.19, with Marikina leading at 2.28. The cities with above-average ARI to debt ratios are:
  1. Marikina: 2.28
  2. Manila: 1.07
  3. Navotas: 0.44
  4. Valenzuela: 0.43
  5. Malabon: 0.40
  6. Caloocan: 0.36
  7. Mandaluyong: 0.29

Moreover, six LGUs are debt-free, highlighting their financial health and efficient budget management. These cities are Las Piñas, Makati, Parañaque, Pasig, Pateros, and Quezon City.

The revenue performance of Metro Manila's LGUs in 2023 reflects a promising recovery and strong fiscal discipline post-pandemic. The substantial ARI growth among these cities not only underscores their economic resilience but also sets a positive trajectory for continued development and prosperity in the region.

Quezon City Tops NCR Revenue in 2023

Here's what you need to know about DSWD's Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (AKAP).

What is AKAP?

The Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (AKAP) is a government initiative aimed at assisting those in our communities who are struggling against the rising prices of goods, ensuring they can meet their basic needs through Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). AKAP is specifically designed for minimum wage earners who are significantly affected by increasing inflation.

Who are the Beneficiaries of AKAP?

AKAP aims to provide various types of assistance to minimum wage earners. It is intended for citizens who do not have access to regular assistance because they are not considered among the poorest population. Citizens already receiving regular assistance from DSWD, such as 4Ps household beneficiaries and Indigent Senior Citizens, are not eligible for AKAP.


What Assistance is Available Under AKAP?

AKAP offers several forms of assistance, including:

  • Medical assistance
  • Funeral assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Cash relief

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is provided as cash or a guarantee letter (GL) for the following medical needs:

  • Hospitalization expenses and/or professional fees (subject to the approval of the concerned medical officer)
  • Medicines
  • Medical treatment
  • Medical procedures
  • Implants
  • Postpartum complications

Funeral Assistance

Funeral assistance is provided as cash or a guarantee letter (GL) for expenses related to:

  • Transporting the deceased to their home or hometown
  • Interment
  • Cremation
  • Burial site

Cash Relief

Cash relief is financial assistance to help meet essential needs significantly affected by inflation, such as electricity and water bills or rent.

Food Assistance

Food assistance is financial help to ensure the beneficiary can meet their nutritional needs and other dietary requirements.

What are the Documentary Requirements to Qualify for AKAP?

If you are an employee, you will need a government ID and at least one of the following documents to prove you are a minimum wage earner:

  • Certificate of Employment (COE) with compensation and full name and signature of the issuing officer

  • Income Tax Return (ITR) BIR Form 2316/Audited Financial Statement with the full name and signature of the issuing officer

  • Certificate of Tax Exemption

  • Certification from Employer certified by the Local Social Welfare and Development Office (LSWDO)

If you are a sari-sari store owner, you will need a government ID and a Small Business Certification from the barangay. All documents must be issued within the last three months.


What are the Documentary Requirements for Cash Relief Assistance?

For cash relief assistance, the following documents are required:

  • Valid ID
  • Document proving that the beneficiary is a minimum wage earner
  • Document proving that the beneficiary is affected by inflation, such as unemployment, layoff, displacement from work, or insufficient salary to meet basic needs
  • All documents must be issued within the last three months.

By providing this essential support, AKAP aims to alleviate the burden on minimum wage earners, ensuring they have the means to sustain themselves and their families despite the economic challenges posed by inflation.

What is DSWD's AKAP: Ayuda para sa Kapos ang Kita Program (Beneficiaries and the Benefits)