PASIG: Binzu Desserts

Binzu, sweet heaven till the last drop.

Imagine lounging around enjoying the sun while enjoying a flavorful and cool dessert. Your first spoonful as tasty as the last. Chilled dessert, sweet, but not too heavy and with all the toppings you would want to taste individually and all together at the same time. Yeah, it's no longer summer but the hot afternoons are still here. Besides, who would want to skip on desserts? Definitely not me, and if you take one bite from this bingsu, I doubt you wouldn't too.

is a popular Korean dessert, so popular here in the PH that big chains have opened stores in almost every corner of the metro. Quality bingsu does not come cheap, so they say. Mostly ranging from 200 to almost 500 depending on the size and toppings. I also tasted one from a kiosk selling it for a less than a hundred, but I'd say it tasted more like ice scramble, just with finer crushed ice. I'm not throwing shade at other stores, but hey, I'd like to get what I paid for.

So when I tried Binzu's, I truly got what I bargained for and more. Their shop is located at Playfield food park. For those who were traumatized from other over-hyped food parks before, worry no more. These guys here serve restaurant quality food at food park prices. The instagrammable background and chill atmosphere doesn't hurt either. Did I mention they got live acoustic band as well?

Back to the BINGSU. I've tried the "safer" choices from other bingsu restaus before. Like matcha and mango cheesecake, 'coz they're the safe choices and my friends preferred them over others. But deep inside, I would have chosen the red bean or other traditional flavor. So why didn't I? Well, because of the restau price duh. So it's always for sharing, kahit gusto mo solohin, mapipilitan ka magshare kasi mahal siya bes.

So when I had the chance to try the red bean bingsu in Binzu, I really grabbed the opportunity, or more like grabbed the bowl. Binzu uses flavored ice, so it has the same consistent flavor until the last drop. It is also generously topped with red beans, binzu balls (Korean rice cake), cornflakes and whipped cream. They make the toppings themselves so it's guaranteed fresh. This red bean bingsu has taro flavored shaved ice. So it really tastes like ice cream, the whipped cream is already perfect and no need for an ice cream topping. It's sweet but not over powering. Eating it with the toppings is quite an experience, you'll taste the different flavors and textures.

The Binzu balls are quite interesting, since it's my first time to try it. It tastes like buchi but not fried. The only problem I had was I had to fight my friends just to get more spoonfuls of this heavenly dessert. Another good news is the price, it's almost half than the other restau's price and the servings are also good for sharing. No judging if you'll order one just for yourself.

We also tried the strawberry flavor bingsu, and it was tasty as well. Strawberry flavored shaved ice is used and topped with whipped cream, cornflakes, binzu balls, almonds and fresh strawberries. I find this flavor refreshing and less sweeter than the red bean binzu. The strawberries were fresh and generously served. The cornflakes are also frosted with sugar so it goes along with the sweet/tangy flavor of the fresh strawberries. The sweetness of the shaved ice doesn't hurt your throat either. My friends favored the red bean bingsu so I had this mostly for myself. No regrets 'coz it's also good, very tasty but in a light, refreshing way.

I was already full before we ate the bingsu, but after seeing the well plated dessert, my stomach definitely made room for more. The best part for both flavors is the shaved ice. The taste is consistent and goes well with the toppings. Can't wait to eat there again and try their other flavors.

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Rainy season is starting, but the summer heat still lingers. So don't be afraid to get chilly with this dessert. Besides, we're in the tropics, there's no such thing as "too cold for bingsu".

Binzu Desserts is located at The Playfield Food Park at The Main Park along Luis St. (at the back of East Raya), San Miguel, Pasig City.

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