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WARNING: This is a must-read for all ramen lovers.

Nowadays, ramen is getting more famous and getting more expensive. This Japanese food became one of the favorites of many Filipinos (like me, like us). So me and my friends are still in search for the best ramen in the Philippines, if not, at least the MOST AUTHENTIC one.
Roke Ramen is a new ramen bar in Pasig. Although it's a newbie in the industry, it already attracted and satisfied many people. We were curious when we heard of it over the Facebook world. So one weekend, we came in and see it ourselves.

Good thing I was able to chit-chat with it's maker - yes, the creator of Roke Ramen - Ms. Roque. I know, you noticed it. The word "Roke" originally came from her family's last name. But I still asked her out of curiosity. Where did its name came from? Surprisingly, "roke" is a short-term for "roke-shon", a borrowed Japanese word from English word, "location". Making Roke Ramen "a place for ramen". Cool, isn't it?

Let's now judge their ramen! hahaha

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Roke Ramen served us all three ramen they have (of course we won't allow us to miss all of them).


To all of the ramen in the world, this is my favorite one. I may not tasted all but lets just say that I had at least 5 from different stores. In fairness to Roke's tonkotsu, it tasted as if I am in Japan. haha no joke! I love their version of tonkotsu ramen. :)


This one is mainly tested by our friend, Jessa. Although its name may sound strong, the spice of this ramen is just right for your taste buds. ;)

But if you'd really like it spicy, you can ask for their spice seasoning.

Amongst the three, they use ground meat for this instead of chashu.


Bong is into garlic-ky food. When she knew about this ramen, she quickly chose it over the other two (good thing, tonkotsu is mine). Hahaha but I was surpised when I tasted it. The garlic perfectly blended with the soup. 


All three ramen are cooked in perfect broth (which what you are really paying for a ramen - again, perfect broth). Noodles are not soggy and heavy, they are tasty.


Ms. Roque loves to cook. She was interested with ramen early this year and visited most of the ramen houses in the metro just to make her own one. After three months, she finally created three of her ramen creations. In June 2017, Roque and her brother decided to start a store for her ramen.

Besides ramen, they also serve donburi meals, gyoza and tempura.

Roke Ramen is located at The Playfield Food Park at The Main Park along Luis St. (at the back of East Raya), San Miguel, Pasig City.
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Have fun, Juan
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Pasig is a city in the Philippines. Located along the eastern border of Metro Manila, Pasig is bordered on the west by Quezon City and Mandaluyong; to the north by Marikina; to the south by MakatiPateros, and Taguig; and to the east by Antipolo, the municipality of Cainta and Taytay in the province of Rizal.
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