TAVERN BY THE LAKE - A Homey and IG-Worthy Restaurant in Tagaytay

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Ready your camera for this rustic and insta-worthy restaurant in Tagaytay.

Tavern by the Lake is a new restaurant in Tagaytay that offers good food and good ambiance to its visitors. Opened in early 2018, Tavern is very promising - the quality of food and service they is one of the best in Tagaytay. This restaurant is also the provider of breakfast to the Lakeview Suites guests.

When me and family booked a stay in the Lakeview Suites, there was nowhere to eat nearby besides Tavern. Although, we were given stubs for complimentary breakfast. We were a bit hesitate to go inside thinking of their price and what kind of food they serve.
Until we realized that the free Wi-Fi access is only available in the restaurant. So when went up and took a look inside.


Our eyes got wider upon our entrance to Tavern. Looking outside, you won't expect so much. But once you get in there, it will take you to a different place!


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Tavern is located at the second level just above the suites. The whole area is packed with stylish furniture and fossil flowers. You'll also notice some old items (antiques) that compliments with the rustic design of the interior.

I also love the umbrellas on the ceiling (lakas maka-IG worthy!) and the sofas, they're both colorful and lovely to the eyes.
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Don't forget to take a selfie with on this side! :D

Ang lakas din maka-into the woods yung outside area!

Overall, this place is very relaxing. It is very good for family gatherings or barkada food trip in Tagaytay!


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We stayed in the Lakeview Suites for a couple of nights and we had all our meals at Tavern. So let me just tell you our food experience during our stay.

First night, we were welcomed with their hot Bulalo Soup (good for sharing) and partnered with Salted Egg Chicken.

I've been to Tagaytay for several times and tasted different Bulalo and I can say that this one they have here can match up with the best in the city.

The Salted Egg Chicken on the other hand is my first-time (I've tried different dishes with salted egg before but it's my first-time to try it on a fried chicken). The salted egg was spread outside the chicken breading to add taste to it. The chicken was cut like you are eating chicken wings. It was good and it was plenty. We took out some of it after dinner and have them as snack before going to bed.

The next morning we had our first breakfast. It's complimentary. We had our choice from their menu. We tried their Corned Beef with egg and fried rice and Bacon and Waffle also paired with fried egg and rice and sides.

It was my first-time to eat corned beef with plenty of onions and a veggie (cuts of cabbages I guess). It was nice. It was garlicky and the taste of onions were savoring to my mouth.

The bacon and waffle on the other hand were also good. The bacon was not salty but still tasty and crunchy. The waffle (in disclaimer) was a pancake in butter. Still good because of butter. But it would be better if they have syrup for it.

Lunch time! That's the time we had two of their chef's specialties, the Salmon Head Sinigang Sa Miso and Baby Back Ribs.

The Sinigang sa Miso is Rachel's favorite eversince! So I let her verdict this one. The taste of miso was there. The sinigang was perfectly sour with a bit of bitterness and spiciness. The salmon head was tender and melt-in-the-mouth. It just a little hard to eat it due to its bones. But still, it's a salmon. It's one of my favorite seafood (especially from fishes).
The baby back ribs were also tender and melt-in-the-mouth. It was nicely poured by their specialty sauce that makes it even tastier.

Both were a good match to rice!

And in just a few hours we had our second and the last dinner. This time, we were served Crazy Asian Chicken, Sisig Cups, Tuyo Pasta and Tinapa Platter Rice. All of these food we were thinking, "bibitayin na ba tayo?" 

The chicken dish was also cut like the chicken wings. It was crispy and poured with sauce that adds delicious taste to it.

The sisig cups were also another "new" to us! Imagine this: spicy crispy sisig wrapped like a deep-fry dumplings. That's it! It became our most favorite food that night!

The tuyo pasta on the other hand is not really new to me. But I appreciate the texture of their pasta, the cheesiness of it and of course, my all-time favorite Filipino dish - tuyo.

All of these are paired with the tinapa rice? Flavor overload! Hahaha

The next day we had the same meal for breakfast. :)

Both of the desserts we tried here were our first-time, too.

This one is their Buco ala Tavern. It's a coconut-based desserts sweetened by sugar. The texture was soft and slimy.

During our lunch we had a taste of their Maruya ala mode. This time they served a big sized maruya (fried sliced banana) poured with chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream.


Overall experience? Their food was very good (two thumbs up) and highly recommended! We even took out some of the food we can't finish because of their size of their servings! Haha their service is excellent! They were very accommodating and easy to talk with. When you have requests or anything you need during your stay, don't hesitate to ask, they are easy to approach to.


  • Most of their meals are good for sharing (2-3).
  • Besides lemonade, they also serve canned drinks, beers and wines.
  • They also serve food for kids.



Lakeview Suites is just 5 kilometers away from the Tagaytay Rotunda via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. You are less than a kilometer away once you passed the Mushroom Burger establishment. After that, you will pass by two gasoline stations: Shell and Petron. At the corner of the road is Café Carmencita, at which point, you need to turn left, which is already Lakeview Road. About a 100 meters from the turning point is the gated Lakeview Suites.

Via Public Transportation
  • Catch a bus ride to Tagaytay or Nasugbu.
  • Drop off the corner of Mahogany Ave and Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hwy where you can see a police station.
  • Walk or hire a tricycle nearby to bring you inside The Lakeview Suites (or Tavern by the Lake).
Parking space is available for those who are driving here.

Tavern by the Lake Tagaytay

Address: 5750 Lakeview Drive (former Magnus Drive), Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite
Operation Hours: 7AM 10PM Daily
Call for Reservation, Parties & Caterings: 0922 880 0728
Facebook: Tavern by the Lake Tagaytay
Instagram: @tavernbythelake



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