PASIG: La Loca Mexican Cantina

Mexican food is not complicated, it just needs to be done right.

When we say Mexican food, we think of hard taco shells, cheddar cheese, tomato and ground beef. That's the dish we're familiar with, yan ung available sa canteens at sa mga street food stalls usually. You get authentic mexican food sa restaurants na. Pricey na and sometimes effort pa dayuhin. May times pa na may ingredients that shouldn't be there or the lack thereof.

So when I tasted La Loca's, naisip ko agad na pwede naman pala ung authentic Mexican food at food park prices. Sabi nga, Mexican food is not complicated, kailangan lang gawin ng tama.

First I tried the cajun chicken quesadilla. And it was very flavorful. The salsa also took me off guard. Kasi usually ung salsa dito satin, diced tomatoes and onions lang. Pero ung sa la loca, sauce na sya. Tomato, onion and spices. Nothing special daw dun sa recipe but malalasahan mo talaga ung difference pag nilagay mo na sa food. As for the meat, the chicken was realy tasty. They marinate it with their own La Loca sauce kaya malasa talaga ung chicken. It's also not spicy, may konting kick lang. You can ask them to add la loca sauce if you want it to be spicier. May pickled chili din. Ung spiciness nya, it's the good kind of heat. You'll taste it but it does not linger, won't burn your tongue nor ruin your next meal.

Next, the pulled beef taco. Soft shelled to kaya open faced pag sinerve. You can add salsa and more la loca sauce if you want. I tried it without the salsa muna. I liked how tasty and soft the beef is. Kahit beef and tortilla sya, it didn't feel too heavy sa tyan. I added the salsa and extra sauce and mas naenhance ung lasa ng beef.

We also tried their nachos. Very instaworthy. It's a tray full of colorful nachos, pico de gallo, la loca sauce, beef, and cheese. D rin tinipid sa toppings and sa dami, it's good for 3 or more persons.

They also serve burritos, pero di namin natry since busog na kami. Maybe next time. But I'd love to try their la loca special. It's a crispy tortilla bucked filled with differentmable din siya.

Worth it ang bayad sa sarap ng food and it's been a while since nasarapan ako sa food from food parks. What's missing na lang siguro is guacamole, mejo pricey kasi pagnilagyan pa. Pero sana matry ko din yung someday.

All in all, you can taste na hindi bara barang ginawa at kung ano ano mga pinaglalagay. La Loca definitely serves good food done right.


La Loca Mexican Cantina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoLa Loca Mexican Cantina is located at The Playfield Food Park at The Main Park along Luis St. (at the back of East Raya), San Miguel, Pasig City.

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Ps. If you'll visit, bring an empty stomach and full battery for your cam/phone.


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