AKLAN: Top 10 Best Hotel and Resorts in Boracay

Every year, millions of people take vacations in Boracay Island, Philippines, and stay in one of the hundreds of hotels and resorts there. If you are on a shoe-string budget, however, it can be very difficult to know what are the best, but affordable places to stay at.

Here's a list of our top 10 affordable, cheap and budget-friendly hotels in Boracay:

#1 - The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast: Offers basic yet comfortable accommodations on Bulabog beach, located in the center of the Boracay kitesurfing zone. Guests will find a quiet and laid back property on the East side of Boracay Island - one of the few places that has maintained the “old Boracay feel” with the slow pace and relaxed atmosphere making you feel right at home. Usually WI-FI and breakfast is free.

Price: Rooms available at about $65 per night (or 2,800 PHP)
Rating: 4 stars; Highly recommended, our personal favorite!
Web site: www.lazydogboracay.com

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La Carmela de Boracay Hotel
#2 - La Carmela de Boracay Hotel: A great family-friendly hotel located on quiet Bulabog beach. This private location is a very modern, clean, and comfortable place to stay. They are located very close to the Tourist Center and a local wet market. Features include a pool, a pool bar, private karaoke/movie rooms, etc.

Price: Rooms available at about $35 per night (or 1,500 PHP)
Rating: 4 stars; Highly recommended!
Web site: www.lacarmeladeboracay.com

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Boracay Haven Resort
#3 - Boracay Haven Resort: With 55 modern bedrooms, this hotel caters to every traveler's needs. It's a super-nice hotel, located on Bulabog Beach, has a great restaurant that offers daily Asian cuisine, a coffee shop/café, and a beach bar. Their swimming pool is open 12 hours everyday with a butler on-hand to serve guests. Just minutes away from D’Talipapa and D’Mall.

Price: Rooms available at about $78 per night (or 3,400 PHP)
Rating: 4 stars; Highly recommended; Very stylish interior!
Web site: www.boracayhaven.com.ph

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Ucoy Beach Resort

#4 - Ucoy Beach Resort: This hotel is situated on a beachfront area in Libertad, within the vicinity of Liberty Park and Maanghit Cave. Other regional attractions include Caticlan Jetty Port and Buruanga Beach. There is a nice restaurant, coffee shop, water park, and swimming pools all on-site. Amenities usually include free breakfast.

Price: Rooms available at about $70 per night (or 3,000 PHP)
Rating: 3.5 stars; On-site water park is a plus!
Web site: www.ucoybeachresort.com

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Eurotel Boracay
#5 - Eurotel Boracay: This hotel, located on Balabag beach close to Wiley's Rock, features great amenities for business travelers such as a business center, a meeting/conference room, and secretarial services. Windows open in each room, and there is also a beautiful rooftop terrace that overlooks the ocean. Includes complimentary bottled water, and free WI-FI in public areas.

Price: Rooms available at about $72 per night (or 3,170 PHP)
Rating: 3.5 stars; Great for business travelers!
Web site: www.eurotel-hotel.com/EH/boracay/index.html‎

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Erus Suites Hotel

#6 - Erus Suites Hotel: This hotel is situated near Tulubhan Beach and Lagutan Beach, and boasts more than 50 modern and comfortable rooms that cater to single travelers, couples and large families. Features include a nice restaurant with a tropical garden dining area, a coffee shop/café, and a swimming pool. Usually offers free breakfast.

Price: Rooms available at about $69 per night (or 2,975 PHP)
Rating: 4 stars; Great for couples and large families!
Web site: www.erusboracay.com‎

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Boracay Holiday Resort
#7 - Boracay Holiday Resort: This hotel is a sprawling Mediterranean inspired resort located right at the heart of Manggayad (Station 2). Within just 3-minutes, guests can leisurely walk to the famous white beach. The ambience is amazing, and amenities include a swimming pool, spa, gym, coffee shop,and restaurant. Restaurant features delicious international cuisine.

Price: Rooms available at about $72 per night (or 2,764 PHP)
Rating: 4 stars; Great ambience!
Web site: www.boracayholidayresort.com‎

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Phaidon Beach Resort:

#8 - Phaidon Beach Resort: Although not actually located on Boracay Island, this is a great hotel in the Pandan/Antique area. It's very close to Caticlan airport, features a beach front terrace, and is very close to tons of scuba diving sites. Also, nearby are other activities such as mountain trekking, snorkel tours and waterfall tours. Usually includes free breakfast and an inexpensive airport shuttle ride.

Price: Rooms available at about $64 per night (or 2,764 PHP)
Rating: 3.5 stars; Not really in Boracay, but close enough!
Web site: www.island-dreams.com

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Levantin Boracay
#9 - Levantin Boracay: Located conveniently along Bulabog beach, this 15-room hotel offers a unique chill-out experience featuring the biggest bar in the area. All rooms feature air-conditioning, hot running water, and exclusive local island architecture. Every Monday and Thursday, the restaurant features a special seafood dinner and a Romanian buffet. Amenities include free WI-FI.

Price: Rooms available at about $60 per night (or 2,597 PHP)
Rating: 3.5 stars; Highly recommended!
Web site: www.levantinboracay.com‎

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Hey Jude Resort Hotel
#10 - Hey Jude Resort Hotel: This trendy resort hotel, named after the popular song by the Beatles, features comfortable rooms that provide a satisfying stay in the island. Located in the well-known D'Mall shopping area, the hotel features all air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and hot running water. Unlike many hotels in the area, this hotel offers room service.

Price: Rooms available at about $55 per night (or 2,394 PHP)
Rating: 3.5 stars; Great for business travelers!
Web site: www.heyjude-boracay.com

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