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BLOGGING: Make your mobile pages load faster

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Is your website loads so slow? We'll, Google has a solution for you!

As per Google:

We've noticed that users find your mobile pages much slower to load compared to those of other publishers. This means that you could be missing out on revenue. Our research shows that 53% of visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. We recommend that you take action to make your mobile pages load faster. Faster page loading times improve user engagement and can lead to increased revenue.

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How does AdSense calculate your page loading time?

When a user visits your page, the time it takes for their browser to render your page usable is recorded in the domInteractive event. To calculate your mobile page loading time, we use the Navigation Timing API to get the domInteractive timings for a sample of the traffic coming to your pages with AdSense ads, then take the median of the samples.

What should I do?

To make your mobile pages load faster, we recommend you try one or more of the following:
Note that after you make changes to improve your page loading time, you should allow at least seven days for those changes to take effect. Going forward, we recommend that you re-test your pages regularly to make sure they're performing well on all devices.

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how to increase website speed on mobile  how to increase wordpress website speed in mobile  how to improve mobile site  mobile site speed test  website speed test  wordpress mobile speed plugin  gtmetrix  how to make web pages load faster

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