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#TodayIAm going to smile more.

#TodayIAm starting a movement aimed at creating a positive energy and instill a daily dose of small commitment to everyone who uses or comes across the hashtag. It is my way of creating an atmosphere of optimism in my daily run and on my socmed feed. The move encourages individuals to commit to a small act as his or her focus for the day, share it, and create a positive ripple effect to the people around. One small act of kindness from each one can deliver a tremendous positive energy as a collective.

The goal is to encourage everyone to make a conscious choice to commit to a small kind act every single day and be accountable to it through the day. The act can be as simple as smiling and greeting everyone to asking an officemate how you can help with today’s workload. It can cover any activity on your day to day run or a movement that you are passionate about. The objective is to make a small step towards your goal and making the world a better place one small act of commitment today.

#TodayIAm should focus on an action and not on a particular result. It works on the processes and behaviors toward achieving an end result. A goal is the endgame of small steps of actions and behaviors and may need time to achieve. For example, eliminating single-use plastic is a huge effort globally and it would require a collective effort in every human being to achieve its end result. But by focusing on one’s behavior towards the use of plastic is a great way to start because if everyone adopts the same behavior then, the collective action, makes a huge impact to the goal of a plastic-free world. When we focus on the processes and behaviors then we get one step closer towards the goal.

The #TodayIAm commitment is grounded on one’s behavior. It serves as its baseline because it is the one that can be fully controlled by the individual. Realtalk: we cannot control other people’s behavior and choices but what we can control is our behavior and response towards people and situations. In making the commitment, we focus on what we can control – behaviors and responses.

#TodayIAm encourages the individual to make a conscious choice on his daily commitment. The commitment may vary from day-to-day. What’s important is that it is a choice that is made by the individual. By making a conscious commitment, it then serves as a marker throughout the day that makes the individual conscious of his or her actions. The person becomes aware of his or her actions in line with the commitment throughout the day which will encourage the individual to make conscious decision aligned towards successfully fulfilling his or her day’s commitment.

#TodayIAm may seem a small committed act by an individual every single day but a single act by one person can send a ripple of change to the people around him or her. Furthermore, the collective effort of everyone participating with #TodayIAm can become a tidal wave of positivity that can resonate in all four corners of the world. Changing the world is a very daunting task but we can start changing the world with one small good act every single day.

You can use the template below for your socmed posts to spread the good vibe! :)

Share your commitment to make the world better today with #TodayIAm and let us see what we can come up.

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