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Google AdSense Ad Units Update (as of April 2019)

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Here are the important recent updates of AdSense to ad units:


Ad sizes

We're making it easier to create and manage ad units. All new ad units that you create will be responsive by default, able to adjust to different screen sizes on mobile and desktop for increased performance and flexibility. If you do need further customisation, you'll still be able to create fixed-sized ad units.

Ad types

We're moving towards richer ad formats, phasing out text-only and display-only ad units to further improve user experience, and to fully reflect the pool of ads that we have in the market. As a result, the "Text ads only" and "Display ads only" ad units in your account have been renamed to "Display ads" and will be updated to serve all ad types.

If you want to keep using text-only ad units, you can create a native In-feed ad unit and choose the manual style option and the 'Text only' template.

Text ad styles

We're deprecating text ad styles for "Text & display ads" ad units. From now on, you won't be able to create ad styles for your new ad units. Your new ad units will have Google-optimised text ad styling. As this feature is being deprecated, your existing ad styles will also be optimised by Google in the following months. For customisation and improved user experience, you can use native ads such as In-article ads or In-feed ads on your site.

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Simplifying "If no ads available"

We're continuously working to increase the quality and safety of our ad network and reduce the number of malicious ads that enter the AdSense network. As a result, we're removing the "If no ads available" option and we'll be defaulting to collapsing the ad space or showing a blank space instead. If your current setting is a colour or another URL, it will be updated in the near future.


As a result of the above changes, we're also removing obsolete ad unit settings experiments. If you have active ad unit experiments, they'll stop in the following months.

Synchronous code

The option to change your code type to synchronous in your AdSense account won't be available anymore. If you do need synchronous ad code, you can follow these instructions to manually generate synchronous ad code for your ad units.

Custom channels

We're removing the option to add a custom channel when you create an ad unit. Advertisers no longer buy placement targeted ads, so custom channels are only used for reporting now. You can still create new custom channels and view the "Custom channels" report, but in the future you'll need to add the custom channel ID to your ad unit code to track the performance of ad units in this way. Alternatively, you can see the performance of multiple ad units by running the "Ad units" report and using the filter to limit the data to those ad units.


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