Sebastian Copeland Explores the Arctic With Herbalife

Sebastian Copeland stands out from most other extreme athletes due to his unusual pursuits. Copeland is an athlete, an environmental activist, a filmmaker, and a photographer. Even as a young boy, Copeland was interested in the early journals and descriptions of explorers traveling through harsh environments and rough terrain. This early interest in exploration has led Copeland to become one of the few modern athletes who explores the Polar Regions.

To achieve his goals of exploring these freezing cold lands, Copeland requires an intense training regiment. He does a lot of cardiovascular and core training, and Copeland prepares by climbing hills while wearing a vest weighted with 100 pounds. Once out in the polar regions, Copeland has to walk up to 13 hours a day while carrying between 200 to 400 pound gear. These grueling journeys occur in the freezing cold while winds shift snow into challenging drifts. Copeland has to carry everything he needs to survive, so he packs a lot of Herbalife24 protein products. He must be extremely cautious because any energy could end up dooming him.

In the past few decades, Copeland has made many notable trips into the Arctic areas. During 2006, the athlete spent six weeks in the Antarctic Peninsula doing scientific research. Along with Luc Hardy, Copeland led an international team of nine children through the northernmost region of the Canadian Arctic In 2009, he walked over 700 kilometers to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Admiral Peary's expedition to the North Pole. With his partner Eric McNair-Landry, Sebastian set the record for the longest distance traveled on skis over a 20 hour period in 2010. During this expedition, he crossed 2,300 kilometers of ice sheet and traveled all the way from southern Greenland to the northern tip of Greenland.

This extreme athlete uses his photographic knowledge to carefully document his journeys, and he has crafted award winning documentaries that display the polar region and promote environmental protection. He is seeking to conserve precious areas of wilderness and find more sustainable energy practices. Copeland is currently sponsored by Herbalife. He says that the company's products are a critical part of his diet, and he appreciates the company's support in many of his most challenging expeditions.

Herbalife got its start back in the late 1970s when company founder Mark Hughes got the idea to create a nutrition company. Inspired by his mother's struggle with an eating disorder, Hughes decided to create a program that would encourage people to lose weight in a more healthy way. To get his start, Hughes began driving around town and selling products from the back of his car. Many other people became interested, and by 1985, Hughes company was one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation.

In modern times, Herbalife is an international company that sells a wide range of nutrition and personal care products. They are known for their protein shakes, vitamin supplements, sports hydration drinks, energy drinks, and protein bars. The Herbalife24 Sports Line is particularly popular among athletes due to its allergen free, kosher, and vegetarian offerings.




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