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Clark Freeport Is PH’s New Business and Investment Hotspot

Plans to put the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone as a regional business and investment hub were mapped out in interviews conducted by Oxford Business Group’s online broadcasting channel, Global Platform, with Udenna Group of Companies President and CEO Dennis Uy and Bases Conversion and Development Authority President Vincent Dizon.

Located at the northwest side of Pampanga, Clark is being primed for development as the country’s future commercial and industrial center or “alternative city.” This is in line shift with plans to shift the focus away from the capital city Manila, which is now overpopulated and struggling with capacity issues.

According to Dizon, Clark’s extensive project pipeline reflected President Rodrigo Duterte’s plans to make infrastructure development a priority over the next five years through his Build Build Build program.

“Our estimate is in the next three years, about US$4 billion in infrastructure will be allocated for this region,” said Dizon. “The Clark International Airport expansion is one critical piece of this huge plan to develop public infrastructure.”

Digital development is also high on the agenda for Clark. “The high-speed broadband infrastructure that we’re doing with Facebook is expected to be online by the second half of 2019,” Dizon noted.

Uy told Global Platform that the strong performance of the key segments of the domestic economy would help instill confidence in investors considering Clark as a location for their operations.

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“There are lots of manufacturing companies already located in Clark. It is not difficult for people or businesses to locate here, especially after looking at the advantages it offers,” Uy added.

Marc-André de Blois, OBG’s Director of Public Relations and Video Content, said the interviews with Uy and Dizon showed that efforts to develop Clark into a business hub and potential global gateway were taking shape.

“Our video not only maps out the investment opportunities emerging in this important center outside of Manila but also provides valuable regional context by highlighting the additional openings that ASEAN integration is expected to generate. I’m delighted that viewers have been given the chance to discover more about the Philippines’ ambitious plans for Clark and how they can contribute to its growth story,” Blois said.

This is a press release from the Oxford Business Group.
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