5 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Weekend At Punta Verde Resort in Lobo, Batangas

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Located in the far south of Batangas, Punta Verde is a hidden gem you must see and experience!

So last weekend, me and my blogger "lodi" friends visited this resort in Lobo, Batangas. Punta Verde is a perfect refresh for those who are hectic and exhausted with the life in the metro. Located at the edge of a seaside cliff, you can feel the air and the vibe that will definitely want you stay for long in this place. Thanks to Riza for inviting me 'cause I really had a great time and a quick relaxation here.

But why we visited this resort faraway from the metro? Imagine, you have to travel 4-5 hours from Metro Manila just to get here! Good thing, we have kuya Rex and his Toyota Grandia for this trip. It was less hassle for us to travel that long. :)

So is it really "worth the trip" as their tagline says? Lets see! Here are the five reasons why you should go and spend a weekend at Punta Verde Resort:


Punta Verde 2018
Overlooking the beach from the resort.
Secluded from the town, this resort is blessed with breathtaking views from different angles. Strategically located on the ridge of a mountain, it will give a beautiful overlooking view of the seas of the Verde Island passage.

Punta Verde 2018
I would spend my life with this kind of view.
Beside, you can also enjoy a relaxing view of their infinity pool from left to right.

I'm pretty sure that you will also enjoy these views when you get here, too! :)


Punta Verde 2018
Just having a small talk with the new found blogger friends. :D
With the amenities that Punta Verde has, you can enjoy from having a dip in their infinity pool, do water activities or visit a nearby natural spring.

Punta Verde 2018
Milet of Project Gora and Jerny of The Jerny.

Punta Verde 2018
Michael of www.footlockerwanderer.com
  • Swimming in their infinity pool.
  • Pass by the hanging bridge.
  • Do kayaking.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Trek to a nearby natural spring.
  • Refresh yourself with their halo-halo.
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I'm confident that you will have fun here, too! :)


This place is indeed blessed with nature. All the villas and lodges are connected with a cobblestone walkway and wherever you look around the place? It's all covered with green leaves and brown woods.

We also noticed that although this resort is covered with trees, you won't feel any mosquitoes biting you. Yup! Not at once. So this place is also kids-friendly. In fact, most of the guests we saw during our stay are families with children. It's really a perfect getaway bond with your family.

Punta Verde 2018
Beach down the cliff where the main resort is located at.
Just a few stairs away, you will witness this blue and pristine waters of the seas. Though, we didn't see white sand, this beach is picturesque and good for some photo-ops. :)

Here are some of mine. :D
If you are a nature lover or a beach lover, well, this place is absolutely for you.


Punta Verde 2018
Me enjoying the bed in Villa Mulawin room. :)
Relaxation - YES! That's what I really love in this place. From cozy rooms, to soothing veranda, refreshing air, there's nothing you can wish for. Plus good food, of course to complete the experience! :D
Punta Verde Resort Batangas
Photo by Lagaw Travelogue

Punta Verde 2018

I also find this pool relaxing in a way that I can stare at the horizon of the seas (just me and the sea ang peg). hahaha seriously, it was peaceful.

Punta Verde Resort Batangas
Photo by Lagaw Travelogue

Punta Verde 2018
Free breakfast at 8! :)

FOOD! Upon arrival, we already asked for the menu and we're a bit sad because we heard that the Sinampalokang Manok here is really good and it wasn't on the menu for the dinner. Riza, (and unanimously, I guess) chose this bowl of "Sinigang na Isda". Yup, that's how they call it.

Punta Verde 2018
Sinigang Na Isda
Well, for me it was good. The sourness of sinigang was there. It's just like the regular sinigang that has fish instead of pork. That's it!

Oh, did I already mention that their brewed coffee is for free? Yeah! :)
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Punta Verde 2018
Spotted a guest playing harp while we are in the pool. :)

Punta Verde 2018
Jerny of thejerny.com
If you are looking for a place to relax, detox from the stressful life in the city, then this is the place to be! Stay at least for a weekend. :)


For me, my weekend spent here was fun, relaxing and complete! There's no other place you can visit with total package of those things I know you are looking for a vacation.
Punta Verde 2018
No WiFi. No mobile network reception. A complete disconnect from the world. Haha


Faro de Punta de Malabrigo is one of the 24 lighthouses erected in the Philippines during the course of the Spanish Colonial period.

The century old lighthouse can be spotted at the top of a cliff in the town of Lobo, Batangas. It is overlooking Verde Island and Mindoro from afar. By private car it is around three and half hours drive to get to see the historical landmark.

Punta Verde 2018
Faro de Punta de Malabrigo (Malabrigo Point Lighthouse)
Punta Verde 2018
Riza of Rizanoia.com
Thanks to Riza of www.rizanoia.com for counting me in this beautiful experience! Of course, I'm so happy to finally meet these cool guys in person and spend a weekend getaway with! :)

You may follow them on the following links:

Footlocker Wanderer
The Jerny
Project Gora
Lagaw Travelogue

Finally, thanks a bunch to Punta Verde Resort for welcoming us and for accommodating us. :)

So to answer my question if is it really worth the trip, it a YES for me! :)


📍From Cubao/Buendia, Ride a bus going to SM lipa city grand terminal. From there, You may take a van bound to lobo (O-HAP Van).
📍From lobo city proper.

Option 1: Wait for the resort’s little jeepney to pick you up. Fare P500/Jeep good for 8pax.
Option 2: Ride a tricycle going to Punta Verde Resort. Price depends on your deal with the driver.

If you are about 8-10 pax, I recommend you book Kuya Rex for the ride. Please contact him at 09055568123.


(As suggested by www.projectgora.com)

Punta Verde 2018Sample Day Trip Budget
Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal – 165 pesos
Batangas Grand Terminal to SM Batangas – 25 pesos
SM Batangas (Jeepney Terminal) to Lobo Town Proper – 55 pesos
Lobo Town Proper to Punta Verde – 150 pesos (roundtrip already)
Punta Verde Day Tour Entrance Fee – 750 pesos
Lobo Town Proper to SM Batangas – 55 pesos
SM Batangas to Batangas Grand Terminal – 25 pesos
Batangas Grand Terminal to Cubao – 165 pesos
💰Total: 1,390 pesos

Sample 2D1N Budget

Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal – 165 pesos
Batangas Grand Terminal to SM Batangas – 25 pesos
SM Batangas (Jeepney Terminal) to Lobo Town Proper – 55 pesos
Lobo Town Proper to Punta Verde – 150 pesos (roundtrip fare)
Punta Verde Overnight – 1,750 pesos (assumming you will be staying in Superior Room and you are traveling with 1 companion)
Lobo Town Proper to SM Batangas – 55 pesos
SM Batangas to Batangas Grand Terminal – 25 pesos
Batangas Grand Terminal to Cubao – 165 pesos
💰Total: 2,390 pesos


Address: Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Rd., Lobo, Batangas, Philippines
Punta Verde 2018Contact Numbers: (02) 8998726; (0906) 529 3614; (02) 2195959
Email Address: puntaverderesorts@gmail.com
Official Website: www.puntaverde.ph
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PuntaVerdeResortBatangas
Check-in Time: 1:00 PM
Check-out Time: 12:00 PM

Watch this short clip I made for our complete Punta Verde experience:

Have fun, Juan!




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