Why You Should Consider Cebu Your Forever Home

Why You Should Consider Cebu Your Forever Home
Living in paradise is much closer to reality than you realize. That is if you decide to settle down in one of the most beloved provinces in the Philippines – Cebu!

To say that Cebu is for everyone is literally an understatement. The province just has so much to offer! Perhaps you want to be one with nature and explore the natural wonders of the province? Or what about going on a major shopping spree in one of the huge shopping malls in Cebu City? Are you looking for exhilarating adventure or just a quiet stroll on the beach? Name it, you got it!

Cebu is one of the top destinations in the Philippines for both domestic and foreign tourists. The Philippine tourism department records an average of 1.5 million arrivals in the province every year.  And it’s easy to see why.

The Wonders of Cebu

Why You Should Consider Cebu Your Forever Home

Cebu is well-known for its beautiful island beaches which are among the best in Asia. Head over to Malapascua Island north of Cebu to enjoy clear turquoise waters and soft creamy sand. Divers have long been in love with the island for its glorious marine life and thresher sharks. South of Cebu, you will find Sumilon Island—another gem for beach lovers. It is also near Oslob which is a popular destination for those who want to get up close with whale sharks or “butanding”. Of course, not to miss out are Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, Moalboal and Badian Island for more beach-hopping adventure.

Why You Should Consider Cebu Your Forever Home

In the past decade, “canyoneering” in Kawasan Falls has gained popularity among tourists looking for some serious adrenalin rush. Canyoneering is an outdoor trek that involves traveling down creeks or streams by walking, swimming or jumping. End the activity with the “highest jump”, a 30-35 feet leap from the second level of Kawasan Falls, to complete the experience.

You can also find heritage sites in different parts of Cebu. Traces of the Spanish colonization are still very much evident in the decades-old churches and restored houses which are a must-see when visiting the province.

“Ceboom”: Cebu’s booming economy

Cebu’s flourishing tourism industry has fueled the province’s economy. From its many luxury beach resorts, five-star hotels, restaurants and shopping malls—it is very evident how Cebu has now become an urban oasis for locals and tourists alike. Its accessibility as well as its many gateways to other parts of the Visayas makes it a favorite destination for events, conventions, meetings and international conferences.

The IT-BPO industry in the province has gained traction over the past decade. In 2013, global advisory firm Tholons ranked Cebu 8th in the “Top 100 BPO Destinations Report”. At present, Cebu is host to almost a hundred BPO and IT companies which employ 95,000 people both in the voice sector and non-voice sector.

With many people captivated by Cebu’s charm, it’s no surprise that more and more people choose to settle down here. In 2012, its real estate industry posted a revenue growth rate of almost 19% making it the fastest-growing sector in Cebu. The province’s robust economy, booming tourism and job opportunities have spurred demand for real estate.

Living in Cebu

Why You Should Consider Cebu Your Forever Home

It’s no surprise that many choose Cebu as their forever home. After all, it gives you the best of both worlds –a mix of the old and new; a balance between nature and city life. Condominiums, townhouses and subdivisions have been sprouting left and right and given the scale of Cebu, the opportunities are endless. Property developers are offering low and mid-range to high-end properties to suit everyone’s budget, most are even available in rent-to-own payment scheme.

Buying a property here as an investment is also a good option. Rental properties are a booming business due to the rising demand from IT and BPO employees. You can also do short-term leasing to cater tourists.

Location should be a prime consideration when buying a property. It should have good access roads, close to hospitals, schools, markets and malls. It should be accessible to business centers and major economic hubs. Also, do take note of available modes of transportation as this is a major consideration for renters should you choose to lease your property. If budget is an issue, you don’t have to pay a hefty sum in an instant. You can avail of housing loans from financial institutions to help you secure that property.

Cebu is definitely a captivating place—the beautiful sceneries, tranquillity and the warm smile of its people. These alone will convince anyone to call Cebu their home.




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