Is Using SARAHAH Safe?

SAHARAH became the no. 1 app in the world today. But is it still safe to provide your personal information using it?

The mobile app could be a freshly launched app that has become one amongst the most well liked iPhone and automation apps within the past few weeks, permitting its users to register to receive anonymised, candid messages from alternative Sarahah users.

Sarahah (صراحة) is a social networking service for providing anonymous feedback. In Arabic sarahah means "frankness" or "honesty". It was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq in the end of 2016 and reached a sudden worldwide success by mid–2017. This growth is considered to be deeply related with the release of a Snapchat update that allowed people to share URLs on their snaps.

However, it seems that the app mutely uploads users’ phone contacts to the company’s servers for no smart reason, noticed by security analyst Zachary full general.

When Associate in Nursing humanoid or iOS user downloads and installs the app for the primary time, the app right away harvests and uploads all phone numbers and email addresses from the user’s address book, per The Intercept.

While Associate in Nursing app requesting access to the user’s directory is kind of common if the app provides any feature that works with contacts, no such practicality in Sarahah is offered without delay.

“The privacy policy specifically states that if it plans to use your data, it’ll ask for your consent, while the app’s entry in Google’s Play Store does indicate the app will access contacts, that’s not enough content to justify sending all of those contacts over without any kind of specific notification”

However, the creator of Sarahah, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, undergone the story by voice communication his app really harvests and uploads the contacts from users to the company’s servers for a feature that may be enforced at a later time.

Tawfiq aforementioned that users’ contact lists area unit being uploaded “for a planned ‘find your friends’ feature,” that was “delayed attributable to a technical issue” and was accidentally not off from the Sara hah’s current version.

Tawfiq additionally assured its users that “the information request are removed on next update” to the app which Sarahah’s servers don’t “currently host contacts,” which is, of course, not possible to verify.

Sarahah took the web by storm among few weeks, creating t he app the third most downloaded free application package for iPhones and iPads. The app has already been downloaded by associate calculable eighteen Million users from Apple and Google’s online stores.

However, you’ll still use Sarahah by interference the app from accessing your contacts, while not risking your contacts to be uploaded to its servers.

Since newer humanoid in operation systems (starting with humanoid half dozen.0 Marshmallow) to enable users to limit permissions for apps, users will limit permissions in order that apps don’t gain access to contacts or different data that does not have something to try and do with the app’s functioning.

To do so, visit Settings → Personal → Apps, currently underneath Configuration App, open App permission and limit permission of apps you prefer.

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