BATANGAS: Fantasy World - A Twist Of Magical And Creepy Feeling

Magical yet creepy? Yes!

Fantasy World used to be the main set location for the local fantasy-themed television series by GMA Network entitled Majika
Top billed by Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo. That was back in 2006 when the theme park was still quite new and well maintained, a far cry from its current state today with its rapidly dilapidating walls, which can be seen even from the highway.

Located along Diokno Highway, this seemingly straight-from-a-storybook structure was initially designed to be a resort, country club, amusement theme park and water park exclusive to members, their families and their guest, much like the Tagaytay Highlands. There are also residential buildings inside the complex offering a magnificent view of Taal. However, the planned rides and other establishments of the amusement park never materialized since construction was halted due to financial problems.

Nowadays, Fantasy World is quite famous for soon-to-wed couples as a prenup photo shoot site. Non-members and tourists can get in and tour this medieval castle for a fee of Php1,000, regardless of whether they're going in alone or with a group of up to 10 people. Or better yet, ask a member to accompany you so can get in for free. It is currently being managed by the homeowners association inside the complex. According to a member, you can reach their Manila office through the following numbers: 833-6566, 834-2673, 831-0813, 831-0782. (Source:

It's not really a main attraction since it's totally abandoned (although it's being maintained).

  • Water... more of it. It would be hot and thirsty.
  • Food. Snacks are allowed.
  • Camera for selfies. LOL

Fantasy World could have been our version of Disneyland (or something close). If only its construction would resume and get finished, I would love to bring my 2 kids here so they can experience being princes in a castle even just for a day.
Fantasy World
Diokno Highway Barangay Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas

Manila Tel Nos: 833-6566, 834-2673, 831-0813, 831-0782

Photos credits to Jookstogo




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