TRAVEL HACK: How to apply online appointment for passport with 10-year validity

Because of President Rodrigo Duterte’s commitment to address the concerns of the Filipinos, the Philippine passport will have 10-year validity starting January 2018.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced the good news following the Republic Act 10928 signed by President Duterte last August.
To those who wish to apply or renew your passport, it is the best time to do it and you can already set your appointment online at
Also, there are people who do not need to apply for an appointment and these are the following persons who are exempted:

  • Senior Citizens with Senior Citizen ID
  • Pregnant women with medical certificate (proof of pregnancy)
  • Persons w/ disability (PWDs) with PWD ID
  • Solo Parents with Solo Parent ID
  • Minors (seven years old and below) with NSO/PSA-certified birth certificate
  • Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission
  • Dependent of government employee
    • Legal spouse
    • Parents
    • Unmarried children
  • Retired government employees (one year availment)
  • Incumbent elected officials
  • For barangay level, only the following are entitled:
    • Barangay Chairman
    • Barangay Kagawad
    • SK Chairman
  • Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane
  • Media Personnel must first secure endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane.
  • Referrals made from DFA employees (limited to 3 referrals per month) and Head/s of other government agencies must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.
On top of that, this article will help you and guide you to start your online application.
How to set an online appointment for passport application
STEP 1: Go to website of DFA at
The applicant can choose a schedule either individual or group appointment by choosing a date that has an available slot. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions box, then proceed to start appointment.

STEP 2: Carefully, read and understand the reminder pop-up, then click OK and start fill out the application form. First step is they getting your site location on where DFA office you will visit. Choose the region you’ll set an appointment.
STEP 3: Select the schedule of your appointment. Choose the available slot, the date and time of your appointment.
STEP 4: Fill out the personal information, and right after of it is your family information.

STEP 5: In the Application information page, you will select whether you are new applicant or for renewal.
STEP 6: Put your complete address and fill up the other information needed.
STEP 7: This step is will give you time to review your entries. Check it one by one to ensure all data is fill up correctly.
STEP 8: After clicking the confirm button of your entries, check your email account for the confirmation email from the DFA.
STEP 9: Upon opening the email, click the confirmation link. Then, your application is now confirm.
STEP 10: To view and print your appointment, enter your application code and the email address you put in your appointment and click “View Details”. You can just download your filled application form, if only you had PDF reader app.
Note: On the day of your set appointment, bring the copy of your printed application form.
For the passport fees, the rate is still the same. P950 pesos for regular processing and P1,200 pesos for express processing.


Aseana and Consular Offices(Within Metro Manila)PHP950.00
15 business days
7 business days
Consular Offices(Outside Metro Manila)
20 business days
10 business days
Foreign Service Posts$60.00
28-60 days
Please note that there is an additional fee of PHP350.00 for lost valid passports.
For Replacement of Lost e-PassportFor e-Passport Extension
• Php 200.00
• Php 1,300.00
o Please note that this includes a 15-day clearing period

Requirements for New Applicants

  1. Personal Appearance
  2. Duly accomplished application form
  3. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
  4. NSO Marriage Certificate (for females who want to use a married surname)
  5. 1 Valid Government Issued ID (original and photocopy)
  6. Passport Processing Fee (P950 for regular processing, P1200 for Rush Processing)

Requirements of Passport renewals

  1. Personal Appearance
  2. Old Passport (original and photocopy of pages 1,2,3 and amendment page)
  3. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
  4. NSO Marriage Certificate (for females who want to use a married surname)
  5. Valid IDs or Supporting Documents (original and photocopy)
  6. Passport Renewal Fee (P950 for regular processing, P1200 for Rush Processing)




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