What are the Good and Bad Effects of the New Facebook News Feed in 2018?

It’s only January, and publishers are already scrambling to reassess their social strategies for 2018 due to Facebook News Feed changes.

The new Facebook algorithm will favor content from friends and family over content from publishers or businesses, pushing publishers to work even harder to get their content seen on the platform.

While this news may seem apocalyptic for media outlets — 45% of U.S. adults get their news from Facebook — the Facebook algorithm update isn’t the end of the world.

Yes, it could be bad in the short term. Publishers will likely see engagement drop if they don’t make moves to adjust to this change. But in the long run, the Facebook News Feed updates will actually be good for the publishing industry as a whole.

Why? Because it will weed out the “losers.” It will cut out those who don’t have what it takes to succeed on Facebook, and it will make more room for those who can adapt and innovate. Small publishers who’ve long been pushed to the side by big-name brands could also stand to benefit from this change, as it may level the playing field a bit.

As Ned Berke wrote for MediaShift, “The planned changes will have less of an impact on the strategies of small publishers, and significant payoff awaits those embracing the fundamentals of engagement.”

The question is: What exactly separates the losers from the winners in this shakeup, and how can you make sure you’re on the winning side?

Let’s take a look.





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