PROMO: Airbnb Referral Program

The Airbnb Referral Program allows registered Airbnb users (an “Airbnb User”) to earn promotional coupon credits (“Travel Credits”) toward future travel by referring friends to Airbnb.
To participate, Airbnb Users must agree to these terms, which become part of the Airbnb Terms of Service. Capitalized terms that are not defined here will have the same meaning given to them in the Airbnb Terms of Service.

How to Earn Referral Travel Credits

Airbnb Users can earn Travel Credits towards future Airbnb travel if: (i) a referred friend clicks on their referral link to create a valid Airbnb account that complies with our Terms of Service; and (ii) the referred friend completes a Qualifying Reservation either as a guest or as a host. Neither the Airbnb User may be the host nor the guest on the Qualifying Reservation booked by the referred friend.

 It's More Fun With Juan | AirbnbThe referring Airbnb User will be credited with the Travel Credit amount described in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials. The maximum Travel Credit per User will be $5,000 USD (or its local equivalent* if we support it), unless indicated otherwise in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials.




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