TRAVEL GUIDE: Seven Must-Visit Beaches Near Manila

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Most trips are canceled because of the far-off and hard-to-reach locations. But don’t you worry, you won’t miss out on a little vitamin sea and sun-kissed skin as we list down 10 beaches near Manila that you should visit!

1. Liwliwa Beach

When we think of surfing, we probably instantly think La Union and Baler, which unfortunately is a lengthy trip from the Metro. But this beach can suffice your sun-kissed surfing craving without the long travel outside the metro.

The new discovery of surfing enthusiasts might be the solution as Liwliwa Beach is just located in San Felipe, Zambales, inside the sitio called Liwliwa. Just a few hours away from Manila, this is the perfect spot to disconnect from work and all social media interruptions as the signal in the place is quite weak.

Liwliwa beach will surely be enjoyed by surfers and travelers alike because of its amazing waves and uncrowded place. As mentioned by the people who visited the place, Liwliwa is a very “laid-back destination.”


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2. Burot Beach

Burot Beach is one Catalagan’s unspoiled and hidden beaches, one of the many coves that lace the western coast of Punta de Santiago. It is suggested that you bring your own tents as this place isn’t modernized. You’ll know that you’re near the place when the asphalt road turned into dirt.

Aside from camping, the best activity to do in this place is island hopping. It has an island with white sand, different star fishes and clear water as you go farther from the island.

Take a whiff of the untouched oasis before the whole metro crowd gets a taste of it. Always remember that the early bird gets to enjoy its beauty first.


3. Puting Buhangin at Kwebang Lampas

If you wish to witness both science and nature at its finest, then you should travel to Kwebang Lampas. Located at Pagbilao, Quezon, Kwebang Lampas is a part of array of beaches in Puting Buhangin.

As the name suggests, the cave makes every traveler witness the magic of science and nature combined. During high tide, the water goes inside until knee-deep while the perfect view of the sunset awaits when you watch from inside.

Also, its fine white sand gives a gentle touch to the feet and the clear water is the perfect scenery to wash away any stress. Definitely, this will lure you back to it.


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4. Colibra Island

The province of Pangasinan attracts tourists because of its Hundred Islands. But aside from this, the city of Dasol in Pangasinan holds a secret nobody has yet to discover.

Known as Snake Island, Colibra Island is located at Dasol, Pangasinan. Technically, this place has no snakes, so there’s no need to panic.

Since the place is still undeveloped, bringing your own tent is advised because this place has no cottages. But if you’re looking for a serene beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Colibra Island has tranquility and serenity tucked into its shores.


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5. Nagsasa Cove

There’s no doubt that Zambales is one of the most blessed places in the Philippines as it scopes in different islands which attracts tourists worldwide and one of its most majestic island would be Nagsasa Cove — the island great for camping trips and soul-searching.

Decades before, Nagsasa cove was full of rocks but Mt. Pinatubo lashes out good amount of ashes that has given the place a more refined look throughout the years. Years after, agoho trees started to grow, many mistake it as pine trees.

Because of nature’s intervention, Nagsasa Cove became a scenery everyone didn’t expect. Your escapade is like going to Boracay and Baguio at the same time.
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6. Anilao Beach

Another hidden beauty from Batangas, tourists are going crazy over Anilao Beach because it is fast-becoming as one of the best diving spots near Manila.

The beach possesses turquoise water that gives a calm atmosphere. Travelers will surely forget every bustle and hassle of the city life.

Moreover, every water sport will be enjoyed and will make their stay worthy and unforgettable. Different underwater species will welcome you as you venture deep into Anilao’s beach.

7. Boracay De Cavite

If all your life, all you ever knew as the ‘Boracay’ is that small island located at the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region, then maybe it’s time to know about this place.

Welcome to Boracay de Cavite! This grayish beach is located inside Gregorio Lim Marine Base at Ternate, Cavite and is now called Katungkulan Beach Resort. One of the best features of this resort is the stone wall on the side of the cove that also doubles as the perfect IG-post backdrop. However, taking pictures is only allowed at the beach.

And if you love nature, you’ll surely enjoy sightseeing. Apparently, Corregidor Island and Mariveles mountain are visible to the beach which makes family picnics more exciting.


Malabrigo Beach

If you’re tired of seeing white sand beaches and prefer something new, Malabrigo Beach at Lobo, Batangas is your best bet.

If the other beaches of Batangas is blessed with white and fine sand, Malabrigo probably became the basin of stones and pebbles. The beach is known for its medium-sized pebbles which doubles as an instant foot massage as you walk on it.

Side trips include the Submarine Garden where clear water and live corals are found. The Malabrigo Lighthouse is very accessible to the beach, bring a special someone along because the stunning view is worth sharing.



When we talk about Bataan, we often think of war and history. But did you know that it is also rich with nature and eco-tourism?

Playa La Caleta is a stretch of 1-kilometer white sand beach cove in Morong surrounded by the lush mountain ridge and coupled with an islet called "Miguelito Island".

This beach cove has a long list of activities that can make your stay loaded with fun. It's a must-visit for all kinds of travelers.


Which is your choice? Share it in the comment box below.


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