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35-Year-Old Man with Stinky Feet Goes to a Fish Spa, Ends Up Killing All the Fish

In Beijing, China, a middle-aged man who was only identified as Wong went for a fish spa session on New Year’s Eve maybe to relax; however, things didn’t go the way it supposed to be as he ends up killing all the fish!

How did that happen? He has stinky feet.

According to World of Buzz, Wong has been working in an IT company for over 10 years and because he works overtime almost every day, he rarely has time for himself.

His parents became worried about his life because, at the age of 35, he was still single; so, his parents introduced him to a lady and they went really well, thinking to marry in the near future.

On New Year’s Eve, Wong and his girlfriend decided to spend that day together. They enjoyed steamboating and his girlfriend invited him to a fish spa session. Though Wong constantly found excuses not to go, they eventually went to the fish spa.

As soon as they arrived, Wong removed his shoes and immediately wrapped his feet with a towel then he dipped his legs into the water tank.

The boss of the shop collected money from them when their time was over and to his surprise, he found out that all the fish were dead, he also smelt something bad coming from the water. He demanded Wong to reimburse the loss thinking that he purposely killed the fishes. Wong then explained that he hasn’t properly washed his feet for 10 years because he was too busy with his daily routine. The boss let Wong off the hook.

Luckily, Wong’s girlfriend didn’t break up with him but he promised that he will be working on his personal hygiene.

Wong’s story is really unbelievable but also a lesson we need to learn. Even though we are so busy with our day to day lives, we still need to give ourselves some ‘me time’ and that includes personal hygiene.

Source: World of Buzz

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