INSPIRATIONAL: A Story Of Love And Two Different Nationalities

Just this week, the story of a surfer from La Union and a student from Netherlands went viral on social media. Netizens reacted both in a positive and negative way when photos of the couple were seen all over the web.

Roger Casugay was from the surfing capital of the north, La Union. He was 5 years old when he started surfing until he became a surfing instructor. Roger knows that he isn’t really handsome but, one thing he is proud of is his abs.

Lisa Verweij worked as a Social Worker in a center for Sexual Exploitation Victims in Cebu for her internship. She and her friends went for a short vacation to La Union to learn to surf.
This was when the two met each other. Lisa thought that Roger was a “casanova” or a “playboy” and that he really has a funny and strange haircut.
Then, Roger started to teach Lisa how to surf and it was then that they got closer and Roger grabbed the chance to confess his feelings for Lisa.
Unfortunately, Lisa had to go back to The Netherlands to attend her graduation. Roger was left waiting for her to come back.The two did not lost communication, they continued to talk to each other despite the distance and felt more in love with each other. Until Lisa came back to the Philippines to spend more time with Roger.
When Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho‘s staff asked them regarding their reaction after they became a trending topic, Lisa answered that she was really surprised as to why the photos were shared so much because they are just a couple and they are in-love.
Roger, on the other hand, was shocked when he had so many notifications on his phone. Only to find out that their photos were already viral and so many people are sharing it.
“It doesn’t matter from which country you are, if you are in love, you are in love.” – Lisa Verweij


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